Refrigerated Containers

Halls _truck _refrigeratedHall's made the decision to make substantial investment in Temperature Monitoring, GPS Satellite Navigational and Electronic Surveillance Technology (TEMPTS) across its entire fleet over three stages. This investment compliments Hall's previous investments in state of the art Cold Storage depots, a modern transport fleet, DriveCam technology and Intermodal equipment.

Management and the Board both agree that this technology will allow Hall's to make an improvement in the service offered to its many valuable customers. Some of the benefits will be:

  • Reduced customer claims as the customers product will be monitored along the entire journey with predetermined set points estabilished to inform operational staff of any variance for immediate corrective action.
  • Improved security as door openings and the location are completely monitored and recorded.
  • Complete temperature monitoring.
  • GPS satellite navigation that will allow operations to respond to any customer enquiry about product whereabouts and ETA.
  • Fuel monitoring.
  • In addition to this, there will be a number of benefits that accumulate to Hall's operations in terms of monitoring drive fatigue, truck speed, drivers hours and door openings.

Hall's CEO, Alan Pearson, stated "That Hall's embrace of this technology will completely fit the current service levels of refrigerated transport in New Zealand to a new level. Hall's will be the largest refigerated fleet owner of such technology across Australasia and will address past concerns on product monitoring, security and surveillance. This technology will be especially beneficial on our intermodal units transported on rail and Interisland ferries as Hall's operational staff will monitor the customers product at all stages, including the middle of the Cook Strait. I am delighted that the Board has endorsed the executive recommendation to commit to such technology in order to provide our many valuable customers with a service offering that is arguabley the best in the world. The technology partner chosen was after many hours of research, pilot programs and benchmarking of the best international technology available as reviewed and investigated at the Hanover Truck Show".

The units themselves are currently being installed on a number of trailers and intermodal units and will be rolled out on a routine basis.