Environmental Policy

Hall’s Refrigerated Transport is committed to the protection of the environment and the sustainable and responsible use of all natural resources.

Halls will practice adherence to this policy by using plant and equipment, processes and materials which minimise any adverse impact on the environment.

Halls will show leadership and commitment to the sustainability of the environment and the conservation of energy and natural resources by:

  • Adopting recycling practices
  • Operating fuel efficient vehicles
  • Monitoring Halls vehicles’ fuel consumption and efficiency.
  • Monitoring Halls electricity usage and comparing this usage with that of similar other operators.
  • Monitoring vehicle tyre usage and distance efficiencies.
  • Monitoring vehicle utilisation to eliminate unnecessary travel.
  • Monitoring water and chemical usage in the cleaning of vehicles and amenities.
  • Minimising Halls trade waste pollution.

Halls will:

  • Annually review and continually improve its environmental performance.
  • Contribute to a coordinated approach to sustainability in the community.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • Dispose of waste in an economic and environmental friendly manner.
  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging and as much as possible ensure the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials
  • Foster individual commitment and awareness of environmental sustainability.
  • Use best in class eco friendly products.
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to be aware and supportive of the Halls environmental Policy and encourage them to give thought and consideration to the impact of their business activities on the environment.
  • Disclose environmental-related information on the Halls business activities.
  • Have senior management ensure the Halls Environmental Policy is understood and implemented at every level of the Halls organisation.

Set objectives and measurable targets for the continual improvement of the Halls environmental performance


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Alan Pearson

Managing Director