Rehabilitation Policy

The Hall’s Group is committed to the health and safety of its people. Where injuries or illness do occur, Hall’s recognises the importance of rehabilitation in achieving successful reintegration to the workplace.

 Responsibilities and Commitment of Directors and Management

The company will:

  • Treat all employees (permanent, fixed term, part time or casual) who sustain work or non-work related injuries or illness equally;

  • As far as practicable, work to eliminate the need for rehabilitation by avoiding injuries or illness;

  • Ensure the rehabilitation process is initiated as soon as possible after injury or illness, in a manner consistent with medical advice;

  • Ensure that a safe and early return to work is the normal expectation and practice – this includes supporting a graduated return to work programme if applicable;

  • Identify alternative/modified duties, where applicable, as an integral part of the rehabilitation process;

  • Monitor and consult with the injured or ill employee to ensure the rehabilitation programme operates effectively; and

  • Ensure our related companies and the PCBUs we work with operate to equivalent standards. 

 To achieve this we will:

  • Take all reasonably practicable steps to develop, implement and monitor suitable rehabilitation programmes, based on the injured or ill employee’s condition, professional health advice and current legislative guidelines;

  • Provide appropriate information concerning rehabilitation programmes to managers and employees;

  • Maintain all relevant records in a confidential manner, in accordance with privacy and legislative requirements;

  • Facilitate the inclusion of a support person for the injured or ill employee at any rehabilitation meeting or discussion and in the development of individual rehabilitation plans;

  • Ensure that managers and team leaders are aware of, and assist to manage any restrictions for an employee returning to work on alternative or modified duties; and

  • Share our policy with our related companies and the PCBUs we work with and monitor their application of equivalent standards through the prequalification process and ongoing reviews and/or audits.

 Responsibilities of Managers/Supervisors and Team leaders:

 Managers/Supervisors and Team leaders will:

  • Ensuring that rehabilitation plans are followed in full;

  • Seeking appropriate medical advice and/or guidance to assist with the rehabilitation programme;

  • Ensuring claim forms and medical certificates are forwarded to payroll; and

  • Maintaining regular contact with the injured or ill employee until recovery and return to work is complete.

 Responsibilities of employees, contractors, and visitors

 Employees, contractors, and visitors will:

  • Notifying their manager or team leader of any injury or illness (whether work related or not);

  • Actively participating in rehabilitation programmes and return to work plans;

  • Providing current claim forms and medical certificates promptly to their line manager;

  • Notifying their manager of any change in their recovery progress; and

  • Familiarising themselves with and following this policy.

This policy will be reviewed bi-annually.


Vaughan Grant

Chief Executive Officer

08 January 2019